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Galatians Law Collaborative, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people in need of housing, food, and resources. Our goal is to construct multi-purpose transitional living communities for the homeless and affordable housing. We need your help in order to fulfill our potential - volunteer with us and be part of the organization making a difference in the lives of individuals who need a safe, stable home.

Volunteer Positions

Board Member

We are seeking applicants to join our board of directors who are committed to raising awareness of affordable housing and chronic homelessness. Preferred applicants are experienced in non-profit governance, real estate, non-profit event planning, program planning, finance, and development. Responsibilities include:


  • Attend all board meetings and organization functions (special events)

  • Be informed about the organization's mission, services, and programs.

  • Review agenda and supporting materials before board and committee meetings.

  • Take on special assignments as needed to help create programs, form partnerships, and make connections with the community at large.

  • Make a personal financial contribution to the organization.

  • Inform others about the organization.

  • Suggest possible nominees to the board who can make significant contributions to the work of the board and the organization.

  • Keep up-to-date on developments in the organization's progress

  • Follow conflict-of-interest and confidentiality policies.

  • Assist the board in carrying out its fiduciary responsibilities, such as reviewing the organization's annual financial statements.



Intern Assistant

Description: Are you a motivated and ambitious individual looking to jumpstart your career? Our exciting internship opportunity will provide you with hands-on experience and valuable skills. As an intern, you can work closely with our board of directors and contribute to real community projects that make a difference. This is not your typical internship where you'll be fetching coffee or making photocopies – we believe in giving our intern meaningful work that allows them to grow and learn. 


  1. Assist in conducting research and analysis of potential construction and event sites.

  2. Support the development of marketing campaigns using Google Ads

  3. Assist in organizing and community service events

  4. Provide administrative support to the executive team

  5. Assist in the research and application of grants

  6. Collaborate with colleagues on special projects as assigned

  7. Answer phone line

  8. Manage admin email box

  9. Additional administrative duties as assigned by ED or the Board of Directors



  1. Pursuing a degree in human services or a related discipline

  2. Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  3. Demonstrated ability to multitask and meet deadlines

  4. Strong attention to detail and organizational skills

  5. Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

  6. A positive attitude, eagerness to learn, and strong work ethic

  7. Ability to work independently as well as part of a team


Remote Office hours:  Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday

In-Office: Tuesdays from 1 to 5

(The schedule can be flexible to accommodate college class)

Grant Writer

We are currently looking for a grant writer to manage potential funding sources and prepare proposals on behalf of the Collaborative. Primary responsibilities include the preparation of proposals/grant applications and administrative work in researching, identifying, developing, and responding to funding opportunity announcements from federal/state government agencies, private foundations, and corporate giving programs.

Fundraising Committee

We are seeking a few innovative and fun individuals to serve on the Fundraising Committee.


Job Duties Include

  1. Help develop our fundraising programs and events. 

  2. Help monitor the progress of fundraising drives.

  3. Help develop and maintain media contact lists.

  4.  Help develop strategies to encourage new or increased contributions.

  5. Help recruit sponsors, participants, or volunteers for fundraising events.

  6. Secure commitments of participation or donation from individuals or corporate donors

  7. Help create the donor database.

  8. Help establish fundraising goals or participation goals for special events.

  9. Identify or build relationships with potential donors.

  10. Help design and produce materials such as posters, websites, or newsletters to promote, market, or advertise fundraising events.

  11. Solicit cash or in-kind donations or sponsorships from individual, business, or government donors.

  12. Write reports or prepare presentations to communicate fundraising program data.


  1. Proven experience in fundraising is preferred

  2. Outstanding customer service ethic and high-quality expectations

  3. Advanced communication skills, including writing, reading and speaking

  4. Ability to manage multiple projects independently

  5. Experience with social media communications, publishing, and usability a plus

  6. Experience creating and designing content with Canva


Time Commitment:

This committee will meet once a month. Responsibilities require 1-4 hours of work per week.

Attend at least two GLC events per year. 

Additional volunteer opportunities:

Real Estate Advisement




 Is there a special skill or assignment you can take on that can benefit the organization to help us bring awareness, raise funds, or help the community? Let talk! 


To apply to any of the positions above please send an email to


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