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Our Programs

Affordable Housing

There is an increasing demand for affordable housing units in the District. Galatians Law Collaborative is working to create and obtain affordable housing properties to help with the rising levels of D.C. living.

Image by Massimiliano Morosinotto

Repurpose Project: Safe Housing for the Homeless

The Collaborative is working to obtain unpurposed property in the District to create transitional housing communities. These facilities will provide homeless individuals and families with safe, stable environments for a period of  2-5 years.  Our programming will include in-demand career training and financial literacy education so that our residents can learn and grow throughout the transitional period.

Construction Worker

Project Potluck

​Building community, building ties, building strength. Each month the Collaborative will organize a potluck breakfast, lunch, or dinner for our homeless friends and families in DC. Stay tuned for info on how to get involved.  

Check out our previous potluck event here 

Pop-Up Care Village

Coming Soon!

Volunteering in a kitchen
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