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Our Programs

Repurpose Project: Safe Housing for the Homeless

The Collaborative is working to obtain unpurposed property in the District to create permanent housing communities for the homeless. These facilities will provide vulnerable individuals and families with safe, stable environments. Our programming will include in-demand career training and financial literacy education so that our residents can learn and grow throughout the housing period.

New Housing Development

Community Collaborations

​Building community, building ties, building strength.

We've recently partnered with The Ethel, a permanent supportive housing facility in Washington, DC, to provide basic living necessities for residents transitioning from homelessness to permanent housing.

As you can imagine, this transition is not easy. The residents at The Ethel need everyday supplies, such as paper towels, laundry detergent, and perishable and refrigerated food items.

Want to help?

Please drop off or send donations to us at 5028 Wisconsin Ave NW, Suite 100. 

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Mobile Shower Program

It's an unfortunate reality that homeless individuals often struggle with basic hygiene needs, such as access to clean water, soap, and shower facilities. This lack of access can result in health issues and social isolation, making it even more challenging for them to improve their situation. However, The Collaborative is stepping up to provide mobile shower and hygiene services to the homeless population in Washington, D.C. Their initiative involves a specially equipped trailer that will travel to different city locations to offer free showers, toiletries, and clean clothes to those in need. These services will help the homeless maintain their physical health and dignity and provide a moment of relief and positivity in their otherwise difficult lives.

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