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    Join Us! Galatians Law Collaborative, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people in need of housing, food, and resources. Our goal is to construct multi-purpose transitional living communities for the homeless and affordable housing. We need your help in order to fulfill our potential - volunteer with us and be part of the organization making a difference in the lives of individuals who need a safe, stable home. Volunteer Positions Board Member We are seeking applicants to join our board of directors who are committed to raising awareness of affordable housing and chronic homelessness. Preferred applicants are experienced in non-profit governance, real estate, non-profit event planning, program planning, finance, and development. Responsibilities include: Attend all board meetings and organization functions (special events) Be informed about the organization's mission, services, and programs. Review agenda and supporting materials before board and committee meetings. Take on special assignments as needed to help create programs, form partnerships, and connect with the community. Make a personal financial contribution to the organization. Inform others about the organization. Suggest possible nominees to the board who can make significant contributions to the work of the board and the organization. Keep up-to-date on developments in the organization's progress Follow conflict-of-interest and confidentiality policies. Assist the board in carrying out its fiduciary responsibilities, such as reviewing the organization's annual financial statements. ​ Marketing Committee The Marketing and Communications Committee oversees the organization's branding, communication, marketing, and social media strategy. This includes creating and implementing an active communication plan for board members and volunteers that prepares them with core messages to promote further our programs, fundraising efforts, and overall greater awareness of our organization. Responsibilities: Participate in brainstorming sessions to develop innovative ways to market the organization, programs, and initiatives. Identify possible marketing opportunities for the organization. Help create marketing materials, including brochures, flyers, and signage, Collaborate with the Fundraising Committee members to broadly advertise the organization's upcoming events. Develop and implement marketing plans and strategies that align with the organization's mission, vision, and values. Oversee the organization's branding, ensuring consistency in all visual and written communications. This includes creating and maintaining brand guidelines, ensuring that all materials are on-brand, and monitoring the use of the organization's logo and other branding elements. Help create content that engages our audience and promotes our programs and initiatives. ​ Fundraising & Development Committee The fundraising committee is commissioned by and responsible to the board of directors to assume the primary responsibility for raising non-grant funds to support the organization’s mission. Responsibilities Include: Assist with creating and executing fundraising events. Develop annual and multi-year fundraising plans to generate the funds needed to meet the non-public and non-grant fundraising goals. Coordinate the implementation of the fundraising plan with the executive director's and other volunteers' fundraising efforts. Special Projects Committee The Special Projects Committee is responsible for researching, proposing, and executing special projects to help the organization achieve its strategic goals. The current focus of this group is the mobile shower project. Responsibilities: Creating and outlining project specifications and details Meeting project deadlines Communicating with other team members and the board of directors on project status, completed tasks, etc. Maintaining confidentiality of sensitive information ​ ​ ​ Is there a special skill or assignment you can take on that can benefit the organization to help us bring awareness, raise funds, or help the community? Let talk! Contact To apply to any of the positions above please send an email to ​

  • About | Galatians Law Collaborative, Inc. | Washington

    قانون غلاطية التعاوني Galatians Law Collaborative هي منظمة مسيحية غير ربحية مقرها في واشنطن العاصمة. لقد تم تشكيلنا لإنشاء مساكن للمشردين وذوي الدخل المنخفض. مهمتنا هي تمجيد الله من خلال تحقيق هدفنا في خدمة المشردين وإطعام الجياع وتحمل أعباء المجتمع المحروم. للقيام بذلك ، تعتزم الجمعية التعاونية شراء وبناء العقارات لدعوة الأفراد المشردين بعيدًا عن الشوارع والوصول إلى الأفراد والعائلات المعرضين لخطر فقدان منازلهم بسبب عدم القدرة على تحمل التكاليف. لدينا إيمان بالله ليساعدنا على خلق مكان للأمل والمحبة. المسيح يحكمنا بموجب ناموسه ، كما هو موضح في غلاطية 6: 2 ، لنحمل أعباء بعضنا البعض. هذا هو مبدأنا التوجيهي. التق بفريقنا من خلال مجموعة متنوعة من الخلفيات والخبرات ، يعد فريق المحترفين لدينا هو العمود الفقري لشركة Galatians Law Collaborative، Inc. تساعد أفكارهم في تشكيل اتجاه منظمتنا ومهمتها. تابع القراءة لمعرفة المزيد عن بعض أعضاء فريقنا المذهلين. LEADERSHIP Founder/Executive Director Jasmine U. Thomas A Washington, D.C. native, Jasmine has dedicated her career to the non-profit sector. She has been dedicated to helping organizations accomplish and advance their missions for the last six years. With a unique passion for helping underserved communities in the city and in obedience to being commissioned by God, she has now devoted her time to leading and carrying out the mission of the Galatians Law Collaborative Board Vice-Chair Melissa Lujan Born and raised in Southern California, Melissa finds strength and motivation through quality time with her family and close friends. Her passion for supporting the growth of historically vulnerable populations comes from years of both personal and professional experience. With over 15 years of working in program and business development, Melissa brings evaluation expertise, development strategy, and mentorship to service-oriented organizations. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated a talent for managing timelines and ensuring the delivery of quality content for national conferences, symposiums, and large-scale projects. As a hands-on leader, Melissa motivates community partners to implement protocols and policies with the purpose of ensuring compliance with all funding requirements, as well as maintaining alignment with the organization’s mission. Melissa received a B.A. in Human Development with a minor in Child Development from California State University, Long Beach, and her Master of Arts in Human Development and Family Studies from the University of Connecticut. She currently resides in Washington, D.C. Board Secretary Jerrel Johnson Jerrel Johnson is not just an advocate but a passionate visionary poised to make a lasting impact as a board member at the Galatians Law Collaborative. Although he has not personally experienced homelessness, Jerrel has witnessed how it erodes confidence and exacerbates resource insecurity. This understanding fuels his unwavering commitment to bring about change. A deep belief in resource stewardship drives Jerrel's journey. He recognizes that homelessness represents an extreme form of resource insecurity, and he is resolute in his conviction that humanity must do better in managing Earth's resources to provide for the basic needs of all: Security, food, shelter, clothing, and clean drinking water. As a dedicated Sociology student, Jerrel has delved deep into the intricate connections between hygiene, appearance, mental health, and confidence. He understands how homelessness affects one's well-being and erodes the confidence to pursue opportunities. His academic insights illuminate the far-reaching impacts of homelessness, and he is committed to breaking this cycle. His diverse skill set, including group coordination, advocacy, communication, public speaking, leadership, and community relations, positions him as a professional with the potential to drive transformative change. As a new board member at the Galatians Law Collaborative, Jerrel's fervent hope is to bring a powerful combination of professional excellence and compassionate advocacy to the organization. He envisions a world where homelessness is no longer a harsh reality and believes that in partnership with GLC, the world will take a step in the right direction. Board Member Kellie Trepowski Kellie has 15 years of experience in the hi-tech sales world of Cisco and Salesforce. Her passion for helping others finally took center stage when she became a realtor. Not only does she give back 10% of her earnings to local non profits but she spends all of her time volunteering to meet new home buyers. Kellie resides in Alexandria, VA with her husband and two foster sons. She is an active member at her parish of St. Mary’s Basilica. Board Treasurer A.C. Powell Amir Clayton Powell loves God, family, the law, and politics. He connects with people across cultural, generational, political, and socioeconomic barriers. AC became a dynamic organizational development guru by heeding his mother’s advice always to listen more and talk less. Infusing this philosophy into his leadership style guided AC’s success in various senior management roles in nonprofit organizations and in his entrepreneurial endeavors. He has provided executive direction and compliance leadership to nonprofit organizations and start-ups for over twenty years. AC speaks with passion, depth, and a bit of humor about issues concerning African American males, criminal justice, small business development, voting rights, spirituality, and the pivotal position of the Hip Hop Generation in the American sociopolitical landscape. Board Member Jakiea Mitchell Born & raised in the DMV area; she has a true passion for helping others in need. Jakiea has over 7 years experience in property management and subsidized housing. She is very eager and driven to accomplish the work that's needed in our communities and bring awareness and adversity to the areas that desperately are in need of it. With her faith & trust in God, she believes the hard work can be done.

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    شكرا، اسم المتبرع نحن ممتنون جدًا لتبرعك السخي بمبلغ $0. رقم التبرع الخاص بك هو #1000. ستستلم رسالة تأكيد عبر البريد الإلكتروني قريبًا.

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    Shop with Purpose, Change Lives Join us in making a difference with our T-Shirt Campaign! Our tees are more than just a comfortable and fashionable addition to your wardrobe. They represent the support you are giving to our non-profit organization's cause. Choose from a variety of unique designs and colors and wear your commitment to making a positive impact with gusto!

  • Non-profit | Galatians Law Collaborative, Inc. | Washington

    Image by Leroy Skalstad AdobeStock_506284403_Editorial_Use_Only AdobeStock_501758756 Image by Leroy Skalstad 1/4 وزارتنا حمل أعباء بعضنا البعض ؛ بهذه الطريقة تتمم ناموس المسيح. - غلاطية ٦: ٢ ​ نحن نقف بثبات على الإيمان بأن الناس يجب أن يكون لديهم سقف فوق رؤوسهم ، وطعام في بطونهم ، ومجتمع من الناس يلجأون إليه عندما تكون الأوقات صعبة. لذلك ، نحن نتخذ إجراءات لإنشاء مجتمع آمن ومستقر ورعاية للناس ليعيشوا ويزدهروا. اقرأ أكثر 4،401 الأشخاص الذين يعانون من التشرد 65750 الناس يواجهون الجوع 2428 دولارًا متوسط الإيجار لغرفة نوم واحدة 18.6٪ أحد أعلى معدلات الفقر في البلاد في العاصمة وحدها .. السكن بأسعار معقولة مبادرة اقرأ أكثر ملكية إعادة توظيف المشروع اقرأ أكثر شارك - ساعدنا في بناء المجتمعات! يساهم انضم إلينا في حركتنا لإنتاج مساكن للمشردين ، ومعيشة حقيقية بأسعار معقولة ، وبرامج غذائية في DC يتبرع متطوع تعال وانضم إلى القضية! لدينا العديد من المناصب التطوعية المفتوحة. نحن متحمسون للعمل معك! متطوع

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    لنتحدث يسعدنا الرد على أي أسئلة! ​ الاسم الأول اسم العائلة بريد إلكتروني رسالة يرسل

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    Carry one another’s burdens; in this way, you will fulfill the law of Christ.-Galatians 6:2 You can impact the lives of people in the D.C. community. ​ We strongly believe that everyone deserves a safe and stable place to call home and a supportive community to rely on during difficult times. That's why we are taking action to create a nurturing environment where people can thrive. Partner with us to build safer homeless shelters, provide affordable housing, and increase access to personal hygiene services. Together, we can make a positive impact and help those in need. ​ We can't wait to do good! General Support & Programs معدل التكرار مرة واحدة مرة واحدة أسبوعيًا أسبوعيًا شهريًا شهريًا سنويًا سنويًا المبلغ $25.00 $25.00 $50.00 $50.00 $75.00 $75.00 $100.00 $100.00 آخر آخر 0/100 تعليق (اختياري) تبرع

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    برامجنا مشروع إعادة الغرض: السكن الآمن للمشردين تعمل الجمعية التعاونية للحصول على ممتلكات غير مقصودة في المنطقة لإنشاء مجتمعات سكنية انتقالية. ستوفر هذه المرافق للأفراد والأسر المشردين بيئات آمنة ومستقرة لمدة 2-5 سنوات. ستتضمن برامجنا التدريب المهني عند الطلب وتعليم محو الأمية المالية حتى يتمكن سكاننا من التعلم والنمو خلال الفترة الانتقالية. مشروع بوتلاك ​ بناء المجتمع ، بناء العلاقات ، بناء القوة. كل شهر سينظم Collaborative إفطارًا أو غداءًا أو عشاءًا لتناول وجبة الإفطار أو الغداء أو العشاء لأصدقائنا وعائلاتنا المشردة في العاصمة. ابق على اتصال للحصول على معلومات حول كيفية المشاركة. ​ تحقق من حدثنا السابق حول حظيرة الطعام هنا ​ مطابخ متنقلة قريباً!

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