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Board Member

Washington D.C., DC, USA



About the Role

We are seeking applicants to join our board of directors who are committed to raising awareness of affordable housing and chronic homelessness. Preferred applicants are experienced in non-profit governance, real estate, non-profit event planning, program planning, finance, and development.


  • Attend all board meetings and organization functions (special events)

  • Be informed about the organization's mission, services, and programs.

  • Review agenda and supporting materials prior to board and committee meetings.

  • Take on special assignments as needed to help create programs, form partnerships, and make connections with the community at large

  • Make a personal financial contribution to the organization.

  • Inform others about the organization.

  • Suggest possible nominees to the board who can make significant contributions to the work of the board and the organization.

  • Keep up-to-date on developments in the organization's progress

  • Follow conflict-of-interest and confidentiality policies.

  • Assist the board in carrying out its fiduciary responsibilities, such as reviewing the organization's annual financial statements.

About the Ministry

The Galatians Law Collaborative is a Christian non-profit organization formed to create housing for the homeless and low-income population. Our mission is to glorify God by fulfilling our purpose of serving the homeless, feeding the hungry, and bearing the burdens of the underserved community.

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